A Little Fall of Rain

Les Misérables
. . .

Marius: Good God, what are you doing, ‘Ponine, have you no fear? Have you seen my beloved? Why have you come back here?

Eponine: Took the letter, like you said. I met her father at the door. He said he would give it, I don’t think I can stand anymore.

Marius: Eponine, what’s wrong? there’s something wet up on your hair. Eponine, you’re hurt! You need some help. Oh God, it’s ev’rywhere!

Eponine: Don’t you fret, M’sieur Marius. I don’t feel any pain. A little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now. You’re here, that’s all I need to know. And you will keep me safe. And you will keep me close. And rain will make the flowers grow.

Marius: But you will live, ‘Ponine. Dear God above, if I could heal your wounds with words of love.

Eponine: Just hold me now, and let it be. Shelter me. Comfort me.

Marius: You would live a hundred years, if I could show you how. I won’t desert you now.

Eponine: The rain can’t hurt me now. This rain will wash away what’s past. And you will keep me safe. And you will keep me close. I’ll sleep in your embrace at last.

. . . The rain that brings you here is heaven blessed. The skies begin to clear and I’m at rest. A breath away from where you are, I’ve come home from so far.

Eponine (Marius): So don’t you fret, M’sieur Marius. (Hush-a-bye, dear Éponine.) I don’t feel any pain. (You won’t feel any pain.) A little fall of rain (A little fall of rain) Can hardly hurt me now. (Can hardly hurt you now.)

Marius: I’m here.

Eponine: That’s all I need to know.

Eponine (Marius): And you will keep me safe. (I will stay with you.) And you will keep me close. (till you are sleeping)

. . . And rain (and rain) will make the flowers… (will make the flowers)

Marius: grow.

Enjolras: She is the first to fall. The first of us to fall upon this barricade.

Marius: Her name was Eponine. Her life was cold and dark, yet she was unafraid.

Combeferre: We fight here in her name. She will not die in vain. She will not be betrayed.